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Fluent 6 1 Udf Manual - Hi everyone, I've read the manual and I could not gather enough information to understand how to turn a serial code into a code parallel. In my UDF (1 header + 3 source files), I have several functions, source terms, 1 define adjust, 1 execute at the end, 1 define init.. Fluent manual tell us that, for laminar flow through a fibrous mat, we can calculate the viscous resistance coefficients using Blake-Kozeny equation, and ignore the inertial resistance.. where are the entries in the matrix in Equation 7.2-1, are the velocity components in the , , and directions, and , , and are the thicknesses of the medium in the , , and directions. Here, the thickness of the medium ( , , or ) is the actual thickness of the porous region in your model. Thus if the thicknesses used in your model differ from the actual thicknesses, you must make the.

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udf_tut1 | Command Line Interface | Subroutine
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