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Does My Coolant Level Keep Dropping User Manual - Feb 15, 2012  · The coolant level keeps going down, sometimes the radiator is very low and the overflow bottle is almost empty. Why does the coolant level keep dropping? Hi,i like to find out why does my car coolant level keep dropping? Answer Questions.. Jun 04, 2010  · And my coolant level on both of them did/does seem to go up and down on its own for no reason Some days when hot its up to the max mark, next day it just below it. I keep it mid way between min and max when cold.. If it's low on coolant, top it off with the proper mix. Done. If the problem occurs again, have it checked for leaks. @cory Well, the internet says that one needs to be careful with mixing different coolants, because you may end up with Jelly in cooling system..

add coolant in the coolant overflow jug until coolant level stop dropping and coolant level stay at the full cold coolant overflow jug cap back on jug.crank vechicle until engine start warming up. stop engine wait for a while until coolant cool down to keep from getting scalded.. Low Coolant May Not Always Indicate a Leak in Your Radiator By Autotropolis Contributors Newer vehicles use long-life radiator coolant that is specially formulated to last up to 150,000 miles or five years in-between changes.. Mar 19, 2014  · The Sticker Guy. The owners manual states that the coolant level in the surge tank should be maintained at the level of the arrow, which is very near the seam of the tank. Arrow can be seen in the OP's photo. It should be at that level when checked cold..

Apr 02, 2018  · Subaru's recommendation for coolant level is a) check level when engine is cold, b) if coolant level is at or near the Low mark add fluid to the Full mark. I keep mine at the Full mark when cold, every six months or so adding Subaru's proper coolant. The coolant pressure test is obviously showing a coolant leak. The system should not lose pressure if there were no leaks. Since the leak is not external, it may be getting burned.. If the tank is empty when the engine is cold then you can add coolant up to the “cold” level mark. But to ultimately get the right level you have to run the engine and then let it cool (like overnight) then check the coolant level. You keep adding coolant up to the “cold” line until the level stabilizes..

Toyota Corolla Owners Manual: Engine coolant. For more details about engine coolant, contact your Toyota dealer. ■If the coolant level drops within a short time of replenishing Visually check the radiator, hoses, engine coolant reservoir caps, drain cock and water pump. If you cannot find a leak, have your Toyota dealer test the cap and check for leaks in the cooling system.. Jul 11, 2011  · Engine Coolant Sign in to follow this . Followers 2. Engine Coolant. and I bought it second hand where they lost the user manual so I'm all confused. I have a 2004 Ford KA and found that my coolant level is below minimum after checking it. Now I'm really confused about what kind of coolant to buy to top it up.. OK, the coolant can only go two places, that is an external leak, or internally, so if the pressure test has been done correctly and there is no external leaks, it must be an internal problem, you can have a head check done, this is a chemical test done in the cooling system, that detects exhaust gasses in the coolant, this is a sure sign of a.

Aug 05, 2006  · I pulled over, and with the car running took a look. Sure enough, the coolant level is down near the sensor. Nothing wet under the car or around the engine, no steam, and the exhaust was normal. Left the car idling while I looked all around again, nothing obvious noted. Engine temp. had climbed to ~ 100C while sitting there.. Chevrolet Cruze Owners Manual: Engine Coolant. Check to see if coolant is visible in the coolant surge tank. If the coolant inside the coolant surge tank is boiling, do not do anything else until it cools down. If coolant is visible but the coolant level is not at the indicated mark, add a 50/50 mixture of clean,.

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